1200R20 Truck tire inner tube 1200-20

Short Description:

Prodct name
1200R20 Truck inner tube
Place of origin
Shandong, China
Butyl rubber/ Natural rubber
Usage Heavy truck and bus
Certification ISO9001, EN71, SONCAP, PAHS.
Woven bags & Cartons
Deliverty time
Normally 25-30 days after received payment

  • Name: 1200R20 Truck inner tube
  • Weight: 3.9kg
  • Width: 330mm
  • Valve: TR78A/TR179A/V3-06-5
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    Our advantage:

    1. There are various types of inner tubes and flaps for customers to choose from in terms of quality and price.

    2. The factory has been established since 1992, with strict management and experienced engineers. Over the years, the factory has independently researched and developed production formula, imported world-class equipment, mature inner tube production technology to ensure the quality of bulk goods and samples consistent.

    3. The factory imports raw rubber from Russia with mature production technology of butyl rubber, the inner tube is suitable for road conditions in developing countries.

    4. Engineers have rich experience, and the factory has a professional after-sales service team, which can quickly deal with problems and make after-sales worry-free.

    5. Diversified printing and packaging ways, which can be adjusted according to customer needs.

    6. The inner tube has various types and can be used as a swimming tube amd the rubber is thick, elastic and not easy to leak. (Can be used as a life buoy)

    7. The cover of swimming tube has various qualities and materials, it can be customized according to customers’ design drawings.

    8. Professional inspection equipment, over 6 processes of testing, 24 hours inflatable storage, professional workers check to ensure high quality.

    9. Constantly increasing output ,wide range patterns and sizes can be provided according to your request.

    10. For special sizes of inner tubes, our factory can modify or make molds according to customers’ samples or technical drawings.





    1200-20 2



    2. More Sizes

    Type Size Valve Type Size Valve
    Idustrial 14.00-24 TR179A Heavy Duty Truck
    16.00-25 TRJ1175C 7.50R20 TR77A
    18.00-25 TRJ1175C 8.25R20 TR77A
    18.00-33 TRJ1175C 9.00R20 TR175A
    15.5-25 TRJ1175C 10.00R20 TR78A
    17.5-25 TRJ1175C 11.00R20 TR179A
    19.5-24 TRJ1175C 11.00R22 TR179A
    23.5-25 TRJ1175C 12.00R20 TR179A
    26.5-25 TRJ1175C 12.00R24 TR179A
    14.00R20 TR179A
    295/80R22.5 TR179A
    OTR 13.00/14.00R24 TR179A
    Industrial 13.00/14.00R25 TR179A
    5.00-10 TR13 16.00R20 Z1-01-8
    6.00-9 JS2 16.9/18.4R38 Z1-01-8
    6.50-10 JS2 17.5R25 TRJ1175C
    7.00-10 JS2 20.5-25 TRJ1175C
    7.00-12 JS2 23.5-25 TRJ1175C
    28*9-15 TR77A 26.5-25 TRJ1175C
    8.25R15 TR75A 29.5-25 TRJ1175C
    Light Truck 135/145R13 TR13 Light Truck 6.00/6.50R15 TR15
    155/165R13 TR13 175/185-15 TR15
    155/165R14 TR13 6.00R16 TR15
    6.00R13 TR15 175/185-16 TR15
    6.00/6.50R13 TR15 6.00R16 TR15
    175/185-13 TR15 6.50/7.00R15 TR13
    6.00R14 TR13 7.00/7.50R15 TR15
    6.00/6.50R14 TR13 6.50R16 TR75A
    6.50/7.00R14 TR13 7.00R16 TR75A
    175/185-14 TR13 7.50R16 TR75A
    6.00R15 TR15 8.25R16 TR76A
    9.00R16 TR77A

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