3.00-17 TR4 STRAIGHT VALVE Motorcycle natural rubber inner tube

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Motorcycle inner tube is our main product, there are woven bags and box packaging

  • Product:: Motorcycle inner tube
  • Size:: 3.00-17
  • Brand:: Florescence
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    3.00-17 TR4 STRAIGHT VALVE Motorcycle natural rubber inner tube 





    1. We are the leading manufacturer which have been focus on inner tubes and flaps production for over 28 years.

    2. Our factory and tem are constantly innovating in terms of design, material usage and manufacturing technology throughout the years to ensure the durability, safety and reliability of tubes.

    3. Same price , Florescence tubes with higher quality; Same quality, Florescence tubes with lower price.

    4. Full range of Sizes of tubes to meet customers’ request from different markets.

    5. Certificated by ISO9001, EN71, SONCAP, PAHS.{KD~0W2($1IB7CL)2OKMM2BContact: Cassie Lu

    Email: info67@florescence.cc

    Mob/WhatsApp: +86-18205327626



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