36inch snow tube with hard bottom for Children

Short Description:

Prodct name
Inflatable snow tube
Place of origin
Shandong, China
Butyl rubber tube
Colorful fabric cover for your choose
Size (before inflate)
70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm, 120cm
28″, 32″, 36″, 40″, 48″
Childen & adults, Winter & Summer
Woven bags & Cartons
Deliverty time
Normally 25-30 days after received payment


  • Size: 80cm, 32inch
  • Type: Hard bottom cover with snow tube
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    The sizes shown in the catalog, are those inflated or deflated?  If deflated, what are the inflated sizes? You list 32”, 42” and 48”

    - size 32’’ 42’’ and 48’’ are inflated sizes. Please kindly noted.


    Same question for the tubes themselves.  Are the Swim Tubes the same tubes that would be packaged as the “set” for the snow tube?

    - For the tube itself, the swim tube is same as snow tube, while the snow tube will be used with the cover together as the set.


    What is the Cover material composition?

    -Nylon, Codura.


    What is the gauge of the material?

    -The fabric material of the cover is Nylon 600D and Nylon 800D. Usually for the solid color will be in 600D, and colored printed will be in 800D.


    What is the bottom material made of and what gauge?  You say it’s a plastic/rubber mix?  Please confirm.

    -Yes, the material of the cover bottom is plastic and rubber mixed, it is more wear-resisting comparing with all in plastic.


    What are the handles made of?  Nylon webbing only?  Are there options for a better handle?

    -The handles are made of Nylon. Current handle are made by our customers request. It can be improved and done by your request. For example, we can do the handle same the picture you sent.


    What is the material spec for the inner tube? What type of rubber?  Does it crack, rot and if so, over what period of time?

    -The material of inner tubes is butyl rubber which has series of advantage, good air tightness, anti-aging, anti-climate aging and anti-corrosion, it is suit for snowing or swimming. The inner tube can be kept for 2-3years based on normal environment (Avoid sharp instrument injury, acid and alkali corrosion and perennial UV exposure).


    What is the gauge of the rubber?

    -Butyl rubber tube with 6.5mpa-7mpa.


    What type of valve do you supply?

    -Usually we do TR13 or TR15 valve for snow tubes.

    80cm hard bottom cover (2) 80cm hard bottom cover (4)





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