650-16 Car Butyl Tubes Inner Tube

Short Description:

650R16 Truck inner tube
Natural rubber/ Butyl rubber
Tensile Strength
Rubber content

  • Size: 650R16
  • Usage: Light truck and car inner tube
  • Material: Butyl rubber and natural rubber
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    Products description

    Strength: 6.5MPA 7.5MPA 8.5MPA                           

    Certificate: ISO9001:2000, CCC   

    Payment: T/T 30% deposit, the balance should be paid before delivery the goods.  

    2) We are a professional natural inner tube and butyl inner tube manufacturer for car and truck and motorcycle,we have our own factorywith high quality and competitive price and quickly delivery time. Parts of our production information as below:  

    Type Size Valve Type Size Valve
    Motorcycle 2.50-17 TR4 Heavy Duty Truck
    2.25-17 TR4 7.50R20 TR77A
    2.50-18 TR4 8.25R20 TR77A
    2.75-17 TR4 9.00R20 TR175A
    2.75-18 TR4 10.00R20 TR78A
    3.00-17 TR4 11.00R20 TR179A
    3.00-18 TR4 11.00R22 TR179A
    3.50-16 TR4 12.00R20 TR179A
    3.00-10 JS87C/TR87C 12.00R24 TR179A
    16×2.5 DIN-7768/VAR32 14.00R20 TR179A
    16×3.0 DIN-7768/VAR32 OTR 13.00/14.00R24 TR179A
    Industrial 4.00-8 TR13 13.00/14.00R25 TR179A
    5.00-10 TR13 16.00R20 Z1-01-8
    6.00-9 JS2 17.5R25 Z1-01-8
    6.50-10 JS2 16.9/18.4R38 Z1-01-8
    7.00-12 JS2 23.5-25 Z1-01-8
    28*9-15 TR77A    
    8.25R15 TR75A  
    Light Truck 135/145R13 TR13 Light Truck 6.00/6.50R15 TR15
    155/165R13 TR13 175/185-15 TR15
    155/165R14 TR13 6.00R16 TR15
    6.00R13 TR15 175/185-16 TR15
    6.00/6.50R13 TR15 6.00R16 TR15
    175/185-13 TR15 6.50/7.00R15 TR13
    6.00R14 TR13 7.00/7.50R15 TR15
    6.00/6.50R14 TR13 6.50R16 TR75A
    6.50/7.00R14 TR13 7.00R16 TR75A
    175/185-14 TR13 7.50R16 TR75A
    6.00R15 TR15 8.25R16 TR76A
        9.00R16 TR77A



    Advantage of our factory. 

    * One of the biggest manufacturer for Inner Tube and Tyre in China. 

    * More than 20 years experience. 

    * Good quality and best service.  

    * Reasonable price for different markets.  

    * Long service life.  

    * We can print your name on the tube.  

    * Performance: Good air tightness, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, excellent wearing resistance and good appearance.   

    *Used for passenger car inner tube, motorcycle  inner tube, Light Truck inner tube,  Heavy Truck and bus inner tube.  

    * Packing: plastic bag and weaving bag with marks or according to your request.  

    * Main Customers: North America, Middle East, South Asia, Africa.  

    * Productivity: 10000/day. 

    * Having advanced manufacture technology and sound manufacturing facilities.


    750-16 Tyre Tire Butyl Tube with Short Valve      750-16 Tyre Tire Butyl Tube with Short Valve



    750-16 Tyre Tire Butyl Tube with Short Valve   750-16 Tyre Tire Butyl Tube with Short Valve



    Packaging & Shipping


    750-16 Tyre Tire Butyl Tube with Short Valve



    Company Information 

    Qingdao Florescence, Was established in 1992 years and producing about 300 sizes from 7inch upto 54inch, normally all sizes.

    Bias & Radial inner tubes for all most sizes.such as: passenger car ,truck ,bus,forklift,motorcycle, agricultural, OTR, earthmover, harvester, floating swim tube, sport tubes….

    Any interesting, please feel free to contact with me.  

    Company mission: Make customers Sustainable Grouth, Support Customers to Strengthen and Expand! 

    Marketing Concept: Sincerely Help Customers and then Promote Products! 

    Service Concept: Focus on Customers’ Demand, and Supply Service with love!





    750-16 Tyre Tire Butyl Tube with Short Valve


    750-16 Tyre Tire Butyl Tube with Short Valve


    Contact person: Cathy

    MOBILE/WHATSAPP/WECHAT: 0086-18205321516

    Email: info81@florescence.cc


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